TOP 1 Passenger Car Motor Oil is formulated to meet the demands of modern automobiles. Designed to provide protection in extreme climates and high traffic condition that result in high engine temperatures. TOP 1 XP meets passenger car and light duty truck requirements for protection of gasoline engines where API SM is recommended.

Meets API Service Classification SM, SL, SJ, SH

SAE Part Number Packaging API
20W-50 12311 12 x 1liter SM
20W-50 12316 4 / 4liter SM
20W-50 215 5Gal/Pail SL


TOP 1 SDO (Synthetic Diesel Oil)

TOP 1 SDO Synthetic Blend Diesel Engine Oil is superior quality oil formulated to provide greater protection than the standard. TOP 1 HD is formulated to provide for engines operating under severe service and a wide range of climate conditions. It is suitable for virtually all modern low-emission heavy duty engines, especially those with exhaust after-treatment devices meeting Euro 4, 5 emission requirements.

SAE Part Number Packaging API
15W-40 10760 24 x 1Qt. CI-4
15W-40 17604 4 x 5L CI-4

17604 N 760


TOP 1 XLR Heavy Duty Diesel motor oil is formulated to meet the requirements of heavy duty and medium duty diesel engines. It provides increase engine cleanliness and wear protection for diesel trucks, buses, and vans. The extremely high detergency/ dispersancy and acid neutralizing capabilities provide excellent engine cleanliness and wear protection.

Meets the API Classification CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4/ Sl, SJ

SAE Part Number Packaging API
15W-40 15441 12 x 1liter CI-4
15W-40 15444 4 x 5liters CI-4
15W-40 10255 5Gal/ Pail CI-4


TOP 1 Evolution Moto

TOP 1 EVOLUTION MOTO 10w-30 /10w-40 Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is an advanced oil that will protect your engine, clutch and gears while providing considerable fuel savings. EVOLUTION is designed with the latest technology in additives that are optimized for motorcycle performance where lighter viscosity oils are recommended by OEM’s.

Meets JASO Classification: MA | Meets API Classification: SJ, SH, SG

SAE Part Number Packaging JASO
10W-30 19281 12 x 1liter MA2 fuel saver
10W-40 19831 12 x 1liter MA


TOP 1 Action Plus

TOP 1 ACTION PLUS Synthetic Blend Motorcycle Oil is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced 4T motorcycle engines. TOP 1 ACTION PLUS is a fast flowing formula balanced with superior additives to provide long-lasting protection to the engine, clutch, and gearbox.

SAE Part Number Packaging JASO
10W-40 10796-1 12 x 800cc MA2
10W-40 10796 12 x 1L MA2


TOP 1 Action Matic

TOP 1 ACTION MATIC Synthetic Blend is an advanced premium quality 4-stroke engine oil, specifically formulated for scooters and modern automatic engines. Fortified with our proprietary additive chemistry, TOP 1 ACTION MATIC imparts additional protection against high temperature operation. Our technology will reduce the coefficient of friction of the oil and offer superior resistance to oxidation. Continued use of this product will ensure maximum power and protection.

SAE Part Number Packaging JASO
10W-40 19032 12 x 800cc MB
10W-40 19038 12 x 1liter MB

Action Matic  280 x 280 NEW packaging


TOP 1 4T SYNTHETIC 4T MOTORCYCLE OIL is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced 4T motorcycle engines.  It provides consistent lubrication and high oil film strength for longer engine life.  Its unique formula protects motorcycle engines from heat and sludge build up ensuring better acceleration and power to motorcycles.

SAE Part Number Packaging JASO
20W-50 10782 24 x 800cc MA2
20W-50 10780 24 x 1liter MA2



TOP 1 XM Motorcycle Motor Oil is formulated to meet the requirements of 4T motorcycle engines. It provides strong protection against thermal and viscosity breakdown resulting in longer engine life. TOP 1 XM also provides security for wet clutch motorcycles where the oil must protect the engine, clutch, and gears.

Meets Classification: MA2 | Meets Classification: SJ, SH, SG

SAE Part Number Packaging JASO
20W-50 19811 12 x 1 Liter MA2


TOP 1 Action-Matic Gear Oil (for Scooters)

TOP 1 ACTION-MATIC Synthetic Gear Oil is especially formulated with the latest additive technology and will impart outstanding performance in extreme pressure conditions from heavy load and high-speed usage.

SAE Part Number Packaging
80W-90 737 24 x 100mL

737 - gear oil 280 x 280

TOP 1 Synthetic Spray Chain Wax

TOP 1 Synthetic Chain Wax is specifically designed for motorcycle chains and gears. It is formulated using state of the art Nano-Silicon technology that adheres to the chain surface providing a protective anti-wear film guaranteed to extend the life of your chain.

TOP 1 Synthetic Chain Wax uses our proprietary PTFE additive to reduce friction and provide smoother power delivery and improve fuel efficiency. TOP 1 Synthetic Chain Wax is also recommended for the extreme performance of off-road motorcycles.

Part Number Packaging Recommended by:
90520 24 x 82mL FIM
90530 12 x 400mL FIM

90520_90530_chain wax

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