TOP 1 RG-80 Multi-Purpose Penetrant

TOP 1 RG-80 Multi-Purpose Penetrant is formulated to use as an extra tool for both mechanics and consumers. It can be used to make problem jobs easier, especially when trouble is caused by rust, moisture, dirt or friction. It also improves mechanical or electrical valves. It is harmless to rubber, plastic and painted surfaces. This is used to best protect against rust, free rusted parts, lubricate metal parts and stop squeaks.

Part Number Packaging
150 12 x 350ml

TOP RG80 pxls

TOP 1 Engine Oil Treatment

TOP 1 ENGINE OIL TREATMENT is a fast-action, multi-power oil additive engineered for high performance engines. It is engineered to improve the oil by helping retain its normal viscosity during constant changes in temperature.

Part Number Packaging
100 24 x 15oz.


TOP 1 Power Coolant

TOP 1 POWER COOLANT is the ideal year-round radiator protection for tropical and sub-tropical climates.  TOP 1 POWER COOLANT is an ethylene glycol based coolant designed for use in radiator coolant systems. Its unique formula is designed to extend the life of cooling system components and is fortified with a proprietary additive package that fights rust and corrosion.

TOP 1 POWER COOLANT is already READY-TO-USE. (Note: Power Coolant Pink is recommended for Toyota vehicles).

Part Number Packaging
90122-G 24 x 500ml
90122-P 24 x 500ml
90123-G 24 x 1L
90123-P 24 x 1L
90125-G 6 x 4L
90125-P 6 x 4L

90123-P AND 90123-G

Top Green Super Oil Treatment

TOP 1 GREEN SUPER OIL TREATMENT is the latest advance in crankcase additive technology. TOP GREEN’s proprietary 3 in 1 formula is engineered to provide the following performance benefits:

  • Viscosity Index Improver
  • Friction Modifier
  • Engine Treatment

TOP GREEN is ideal for use in both gasoline and diesel engines, and is compatible      with petroleum and synthetic oils.

Part Number Packaging
108 24 x 10oz.


TOP 1 Carburetor and Injection Cleaner

TOP 1 CarZ Cleaner is designed to work quickly, economically and conveniently while providing “instant” tune-up benefits. TOP 1 CarZ Cleaner is guaranteed to dissolve gum, varnish, sludge and lead deposits to dramatically improve gas mileage. TOP 1 CarZ Cleaner frees and loosens mechanisms bound by deposits on external parts and penetrates and lubricates internal carburetor pumps and valves to insure optimum performance. TOP 1 CarZ Cleaner has a 360 degree spray valve.

Part Number Packaging
140 12 x 11.5oz.


TOP 1 Power Booster

TOP 1 POWER BOOSTER is a fuel system treatment formulated with technologically advanced power boosters and emission reducers. It is engineered to clean and maintain your vehicle’s entire fuel system and improve performance. One treatment cleans the entire fuel system including; fuel injector; carburetor, intake valves, and intake manifold. The same treatment keeps combustion chambers clean.

Part Number Packaging
168-PB 12 x 1


Synthetic Gear Oil (LSD)

TOP 1 Synthetic Gear Oil LSD is a multipurpose gear lubricant designed specifically for high performance automotive applications using a high quality synthetic base oil. TOP 1 Gear Oil LSD reduces wear and provides cleanliness in extreme conditions. This thermally stable gear lubricant is designed to operate and protect in both high and low extreme-temperature conditions.

This is suitable for use in BMW, Mercedes, Lotus, Volvo, Toyota, Mitsubishi, GM and Ford. It provides excellent limited slip performance and outstanding protection against low speed/high torque wear.

SAE Part Number Packaging
75W-90 | GL-5 14391 12 x 1 Liter

14391 FRONT

TOP 1 Synthetic Gear Oil

TOP 1 SYNTHETIC BLEND GEAR OIL (SGO) is a high quality gear lubricant formulated to withstand the most severe conditions including extreme temperatures and high load conditions. This long-life gear oil meets GL-5/ MT-1 as well as the latest specification from Mack, Rockwell and Eaton. This is recommended for Hypoid Gears as well.

SAE Part Number Packaging
SAE 90 14018 24 x 1Qt.
SAE 140 14038 24 x 1Qt.