90123-P AND 90123-G

TOP 1 Power Coolant

TOP 1 POWER COOLANT is the ideal year-round radiator protection for tropical and sub-tropical climates.  TOP 1 POWER COOLANT is an ethylene glycol based coolant designed for use in radiator coolant systems. Its unique formula is designed to extend the life of cooling system components and is fortified with a proprietary additive package that fights rust and corrosion.

TOP 1 POWER COOLANT is already READY-TO-USE. (Note: Power Coolant Pink is recommended for Toyota vehicles).

Part Number Packaging
90122-G 24 x 500ml
90122-P 24 x 500ml
90123-G 24 x 1L
90123-P 24 x 1L
90125-G 6 x 4L
90125-P 6 x 4L