Danrex SindatokSince 2006 hanggang ngayong 2019 na na-overhaul ko na ang motor ko, TOP 1 pa rin ang ginagamit ko. Sa TOP 1, Hindi kasi ako binigyan ng problema sa Honda Wave 125 ko. Siyempre, dapat regular din ang pag change oil para siguradong tatagal ang motor niyo.

Kapag magpapalit ako ng motor, TOP 1 pa rin gagamitin ko. Subok ko na kasi. Try niyo lang, guys. Baka si TOP 1 na ang forever ninyo. Hehehe! Salamat, TOP 1!

FYI Guys...
Hindi po ako sponsored ng TOP 1. Ito po ay batay po talaga sa experience ko.

Danrex Sindatok

Ralph Roland De LeonSomebody recommended this oil to me. So far, satisfied ako!

Less engine heat!
Less vibration!
Pansin ko din nadadagdagan ang top speed!
Tapos pinakagusto ko, ang tahimik ng makina ko.
Smooth na smooth!

Susubukan ko yung TOP 1 Action Matic sa next change oil ko.

Ralph Roland De Leon

Gian Benedict A. IhI have been riding my Yamaha Mio MXi for 2 years already and after my oil change from YAMALUBE to TOP 1 ACTION MATIC, there was really a big difference on how my engine feels and responds!

With the TOP 1 Action Matic, starting my motorcycle at cold start is much easier and it runs much more quietly and smoothly now. I also observed less vibration in the motorcycle during idle time. Responsiveness and power delivery really improved. Totally worth it! I highly recommend the TOP 1 Action Matic to all scooter riders!

Gian Benedict A. Ih

Melchor CelestineEversince dati, Yamalube ang gamit ko kasi hangga't maaari, ayoko gumamit ng ibang brand.

Then one time, ni-recommend ng friend ko na naka Mio MXI na try ko daw yung TOP 1 yung color green... Di pa rin ako naniwala kasi ayoko mag try ng ibang brand.

Then one time, nag pa change oil ako at naubusan ng Yamalube. So tumawag ako sa friend ko [at tinanong ko kung] quality ba talaga ang TOP 1... Sabi ng friend ko quality daw talaga.

So nag try ako.. nagustuhan ko ang performance ng TOP 1 OIL. Swabe na sa takbo at hindi na hirap umarangkada. So nag decide na ako na TOP 1 na talaga ang gagaamitin ko.. at nangyari ulit sakin na naubusan ako ng langis na TOP 1 so napilitan ako mag yamalube ulit. After 1 day, nakita ko may stock na ulit yung motorcycle shop na pina pachange oilan ko.. so nag decide ako ipa change oil ulit para lang mapalitan ng TOP 1 yung langis ko.

Try nyo rin! I assure you, good quality ang TOP 1!

Melchor Celestine

Harold John A. TorresI've been using the TOP 1 Action Matic for almost 5 years now, kahit yung luma pang [packaging ng] Action Matic. Swabe sa kargadong Mio (very smooth for my modified Yamaha Mio 160cc) plus the smell of the oil is very good!

Harold John A. Torres

Jude Artzkie Lerdon ConsumoIba talaga ang Top 1 Synthetic Oil. Mula ng ginamit ko ito, mas naging maganda ang performance ng Bajaj CT100 at XRM125 ko! Kahit na 3 months na, parang bago pa rin para ngang di ginagamit. Tested and proven ko na. Iba talaga ang TOP 1. Kaya sa iba diyan, gumamit na kayo!

Jude Artzkie Lerdon Consumo

Mark Anthony San PedroMula ng ginamit ko itong TOP 1 SMO-MC, lumakas ang hatak ng TMX 125 ko, lalo na kapag malamig ang makina, madali ang start kahit tadyakan ko. At starter sa dati gamit ko na oil "Ha___ine" na red na premium mahina ang batak kaya nakumpara ko. The best talaga ang TOP 1 Synthetic Blend Oil, ni-recommend sakin 'to ng salesman na binilhan ko sa LINSANGAN Motorparts.

Mark Anthony San Pedro

Michael AdinaAng ganda talaga gamitin ng TOP 1 SMO MC 20W-50 kaysa sa ibang brands na oil. Malamig sa makina at malambot ikambyo! Pino ang tunog ng makina! The best talaga ang TOP 1. Try niyo! Hindi po kayo magsisisi pag TOP 1 ang gamitin niyo, guys.

Michael Adina

Dino AbainzaSa dati kong brand ng langis, madali uminit ang makina ng Suzuki GD110 HU ko. Tapos, tuwing change oil ko, nagiging parang tubig na lang yung langis na inaalis ko. Sobrang lasaw at maitim na kahit na 1,500 kph ko pa lang siya ginagamit.

Ngayon, pagpalit ko ng langis gamit ang TOP 1 OIL, ayun! Ramdam ko agad ang pagkakaiba sa tunog pa lang ng makina. Sa takbo ko, hirit man o katamtamang takbo, feeling worry-free din ako. Pino ang andar at magaan dala ng makina.

Everyday ko nagagamit ang motor ko. Nakapagdesisyon na ako na TOP 1 na lang ang gagamitin ko lagi kasi parang bagong motor ulit ang andar ng makina ko.

Salamat, TOP 1!

Dino Abainza

Erik Gatmaitan, The Pinoy RiderBeing a long-distance traveler and a strong believer of preventive maintenance, I am very picky on what I use on my bike.

On my last oil change (and on a lot of previous ones too), I used the Top 1 Evolution Fully Synthetic in order to prepare my engine for the long grind of going to Quezon and then to Baguio. I trust this brand because it has never failed me and has always taken care of my engine ever since. My bike’s engine seems to run a lot cooler and it also lubricates my gears effectively.

After changing oil at 3,500 kilometers, my bike’s fuel efficiency rose by 14% as I was previously getting a combined city and highway driving result of 21 km/l, now I am getting 24 km/l. That is pretty significant and accurate as that figure was done at over 3,500 kilometers mileage so it was quite comforting to know that I actually saved a lot on fuel.

There is no doubt that I am very picky with everything in my motorcycling life. So when I say that Top 1 is very good, consider that to be an understatement!

Erik Gatmaitan, The Pinoy Rider

Elyzer BernardoElyzer Bernardo from San Fernando, La Union uses the TOP 1 Synthetic Motor Oil MC 20W-50, JASO MA2 for his motorcycle (Rouser 180). He was very satisfied with it and shares his TOP 1 experience below.

"Wow! TOP 1! Kaka-change oil ko lang this morning and tinest drive ko. WOW! Ang daming nagbago sa engine ko. Pansin ko ang mga ito: softer shifting gear, umiba yung tono ng makina, lumakas yung hatak, less vibration and swabeng swabe talaga! Pati sa chain ko, nilagyan ko. Thanks, TOP 1!"

Elyzer Bernardo

Cris CerenoCris Cereno from Manila recently used the TOP 1 High Temp Synthetic Grease and was very satisfied. He said:

Very good grease!!! Hope you develop more products in the future!

Cris Cereno

Alejandro Vicente U. BarrosI recently joined the MANILA-MATNOG-MANILA ENDURANCE RUN CHALLENGE SEASON 7. This race started at Prima Mall, Taguig City on November 24, 2014 at 12:00:01am with the following checkpoints: (1) Petron Pitogo at Bondoc Peninsula, (2) Matnog Arc, Sorsogon, (3) Petron Pitogo, and then back again at (4) Prima Mall, Taguig City. The whole route covered more than 1,200 kms in 24 hours and I conquered the route within 20 hours using my Yamaha Mio Soul 2008 model, a veteran of several endurance challenges using TOP 1 OIL.

Motorcycles in this category share a unique combination of large fuel reserves and large displacement. High engine reliability and heavy torque output with good high speed highway behaviour and handling are plus factors for an endurance rider. Using TOP 1 Action Matic improves the acceleration of my motorcycle. The additives of this oil gives me satisfaction. During endurance runs, the engine is vulnerable to thermal and mechanical degradation as the oil ages. With the TOP 1 Action Matic however, the oil does not degrade quickly. Due to constant speed and acceleration and an engine that was well taken care of, I arrived at the finish line within my expected arrival time.

In the straight road and open highway, my top speed was 125-130 kph; in the wet road during rainy hours, 80-95 kph. I finished 1,200 km with an average speed of 60kph.

Alejandro Vicente U. Barros
Manila-Matnog-Manila Endurance Racer

Arnel AcunaMr. Arnel Acuna from Valenzuela City used TOP 1 Action Matic 10W-40 JASO MB and said:

"Action matic is the best for my honda beat. Thanks and more power TOP 1, the performance its on the label-TOP1"

Arnel Acuna

Mark Ryan ClaraMr. Mark Ryan Clara owner of Speedtech Motorcycle Parts from 1200 Labores St. Pandacan Manila used TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-50 JASO MA2 and said:

"Marami na akong nasubukan na motorcycle oil iba iba pero isa lang ang resulta mabilis lumapot at dumumi ang mga ibang mc oil hanggang sa nasubukan ko Ang top1 smo-mc 20w-50 ayos khit
Nadelayed ang pa change oil ko OK p din Ang langis sa loob ng makina ko. Kaya ngayon nirerekomenda ko sa mga kaibigan kasama at sa mga costumer ko sa motorshop na subukan Ang top1 Mc oil tyak maalagaan Ang makina ng motorcycle nila.thnx s top1 naalagaan n Ang makina ng motor ko kumikita p ako."

Mark Ryan Clara
Speedtech Motorcycle Parts

Love-Love Tengsico TiosecoTV Host Ms. Love-Love Tioseco used TOP 1 Synthetic Action-Matic 10W-30 JASO MB on her Honda Beat and said:

"Our family cars have been using Top 1 Oils since the 1980s and it's about time Top 1 has motorcycle oils for different riding lifestyles... if i trust Top 1 oils for our cars then i trust Top 1 oils for my motorcycles... =)"

Love-Love Tengsico Tioseco
Stoplight Media Group

Ricii ExiomoMr. Ricii Exiomo from Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao used TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil (SMO-MC) 20W-50 JASO MA2 and said:

"After several attempts of searching & testing for what I feel is most suited to my driving style I finally settled to TOP 1 SMO-MC for my two bikes. Whenever I travel long distances I feel confident that TOP 1 will provide my bikes the needed protection against wear and thermal breakdown... at an affordable price."

Ricii Exiomo

Romel RamirezMr. Romel Ramirez from Baguio City used TOP 1 SMO 20W-50 on his Shogun Pro and said:

"TOP1 SMO ang ginagamit ko ngayon sa shogun pro ko. Sa dati kong gamit, ramdam mo sa performance ng makina na napakainit na talaga niya pag Tarlac to Baguio ang biyahe. Subalit mula nung ginamit ko ang Top1 SMO, kahit extreme na akyatan parang normal pa rin yung init niya. Damang-dama ang pagkakaiba!"

Romel Ramirez

Rey ParocchaOur loyal TOP 1 User Mr. Rey Paroccha from San Pedro, Laguna used TOP 1 Action Matic 20W-40 JASO MB on his Honda Beat and said:

"After 3,400+ kilometers ngayon ko pa lang napalitan yung oil, well, I usually do it every 2,500 pero since Top1 naman, I think the oil can take a little extra beating. Stock Honda BeAT plus Top1, 100kph is very much possible."

Rey Paroccha

Rowel BelardoMr. Rowel Belardo from Ligao City, Albay used TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-50 JASO MA2 and said:

"My bike is worst because of too much engine vibration. Thanks for Top 1 oil. It gives lesser vibration. Very smooth on engine.

Best ever oil on my bike..."

Rowel Belardo

Engineer Pao OsorioEngineer Pao Osorio from Paco Manila used TOP 1 Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 in his Pajero Fieldmaster and said:

"Sa gamit ko langis before (C_STR_L) sa Pajero Fieldmaster ang lakas magbawas ng langis lalu pag larga byahe halos isang bote dinagdag ko, kala ko kumakain na ng langis at may problema. Last changeoil nag Top1 SDO ako, malapit na ulit ako mag changeoil wala pa din bawas langis, mas pino ngayon manakbo at tahimik makina, nawala din usok lalu pag sudden acceleration matipid din konsumo sa diesel. So far satisfied sa results. Planning to use it again sa next changeoil."

Engineer Pao Osorio

Airam Del VillarMr. Airam Del Villar used TOP 1 Action Matic 20W-40 JASO MB on his motorcycle and said:

"Smooth riding period! :)"

Airam Del Villar

17818Jan Michael Patangan from Araneta Drive, Zamboanga City used TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-50 on his motorcycle and said:

"I used top 1 synthetic motor oil and am very satisfied with the results. I get longer mileage for my fuel everyday I go to the office. My mc idling sound is quieter than ever."

Jan Michael Patangan

Jerald BarramedaMr. Jerald Barrameda from Silanganan Subdivision, Caloocan City used TOP 1 Synthetic Motor Oil 20W-50 and said:

"Gamit ko yung pang sasakyan na kulay blue. Dati gamit ko sa motor ko ay yung Violet, pero mas gusto at hiyang ang motor ko dito sa gasoline engine oil na to.. Para sakin ito ang the best! Gamit namin ito ng mga kuya ko sa CB110, ROUSER220 at XRM110.. Try niyo one of the best oil!!!!"

Jerald Barrameda

Aickie del RosarioMr. Aickie del Rosario changed oil with TOP 1 Action Matic 20W-40 JASO MB Synthetic Oil for scooters and said:

"Nag switch ako ng oil and TOP 1 oil ginamit ko sa scooters ko... nice performance specially sa long drives ok sya... easy engine start, di agad nangingitim di kagaya ng ibang brands... tried and tested mio and nouvo z owner.. :) ride safe!"

Aickie del Rosario

Genesis TanioI've known TOP 1 Lubes used in super charged cars and the protection it gives to the racing car engines. If this oil can protect the engine of the super cars, much more it will offer to the motorcycle engine. I have a newly opened Motorcycle shop in Sta.Rosa, Laguna, and most of the riders here are looking for the C-brand, R-brand, E-brand, etc. and MC oils sold at the gasoline stations. I had a great belief in Top1 MC oils, so I explain to customers how TOP 1 oil will protect the engine of their beloved motorcycle. They usually ended-up buying and trying TOP 1 Oil. I was very glad that most of them came back to the shop with a high-spirited smile and a feedback that the oil was superb. More power Top1!

Genesis Tanio
Cycle G Motor Parts

Antonio Jose S. MabalotMr. Anton Mabalot from San Pedro, Laguna used TOP 1 Action Matic 20W-40 JASO MB and said:

"1st try ko ng TOP 1 Action Matic ramdam mo agad pinagkaiba niya sa dati kong ginagamit. Very smooth ang takbo ng mio soul ko. At first ramdam mo agad ang acceleration, smooth na smooth ang power curve niya. Pag dating naman sa engine protection, nag research ako at nagulat ako sa engine protection ng TOP 1 Action Matic halos lahat ng importanteng kailangan ng isang oil sa pag protect ng engine natin nasa TOP 1 oil na lahat..

Sa change oil interval ko naman hanggang 2000 kilometers wala pading pagbabago smooth na smooth at pati acceleration hindi nag iiba ang performance.

Kaya simula ng nakagamit ako nito hindi na ako nag palit at nag try pa ng iba. Saktong-sakto sa mga mio natin ito dahil ang formulation nito ay para talaga sa mga automatic scooters.

Thank you TOP 1 OIL na formulate nyo ang oil na ito. Keep it up! So guys wag na kayong mag dalawang isip pa do some research makikita niyo ang pag-kakaiba ng TOP 1 oil sa mga oil na available sa market hindi lang ito basta bastang oil.."

Antonio Jose S. Mabalot

Francis EndayaMr. Francis Endaya from Cagayan de Oro City used TOP 1 Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 and said:

"We assumed a 2nd hand Kia Carnival 2008 LX last March 2011. It was emitting black smoke already. I decided to try TOP 1 SDO (Synthetic Diesel Oil) for the 35,000km PMS (Periodic Maintenance). The result was great. Smooth and faster acceleration, clean emission already and better fuel consumption.

Thanks TOP 1. I'll use the same oil for my Isuzu Dmax's 5000km PMS next week."

Francis Endaya

Boy MercadoMr. Boy Mercado of Mayamot, Antipolo City bought TOP 1 Action Matic 20W-40 JASO MB Synthetic Oil for scooters at The DIY Shop Q. Plaza and said:

"Changed oil with TOP 1 Action Matic from D.I.Y. Q Plaza. After 4,000 kms the result is simply fantastic! PERFORMANCE WISE it was a big difference for my stock yamaha mio."

Boy Mercado

Joseph CruzMr. Joseph Cruz from Rodriguez, Rizal used TOP 1 Action Matic 20W-40 JASO MB Synthetic Scooter Oil and said:

"I tried TOP 1 Action Matic on my Mio Fino. I can feel the big difference. It runs smoother. It easily start during morning warm up and gave me less fuel consumption due to smooth engine less stress operation... Gooooo!!!! TOP 1"

Joseph Cruz

Giovanni G. TagactacMr. Giovanni G. Tagactac of Western Bicutan, Taguig City used TOP 1 Synthetic Action 20W-40 Motorcycle Oil and said:

"Maganda talaga ang TOP 1. Ibang langis gamit ko dati pero nang masubukan ko ang TOP 1 mas malambot ang pasok ng kambyo ng motorcycle ko."

Giovanni G. Tagactac

Emannuel Tor Jr.Mr. Emannuel Tor Jr. of Sampaloc, Manila used TOP 1 Synthetic Action 20W-40 Motorcycle Oil and said:

"Mula gumamit ako nung TOP 1 lumakas ang hatak ng motorcycle ko. Mabango yung usok. Yung Sniper 135 stock ko umabot ng 80 KPH sa number 2 ng cambio sa number 3 umaabot na ng 105KPH yung number 4 umaabot na ng 125KPH. 1 year na ako gumagamit nito grabe ang tulin grabe ang lakas!"

Emannuel Tor Jr.

Rey ParrochaMr. Rey Parrocha of San Pedro, Laguna used TOP 1 Synthetic Action-Matic Gear Oil SAE 80W-90 and said:

"When I read in the papers that Top1 is already available at the DIY shop, i rushed to the nearest branch (Puregold-San Pedro); I just thought that this would provide me extra protection for the track practice I would be doing at the Carmona Race Track, and guess what, I even managed to get a 2nd place finish for last Sunday's event at the HPI-Dealer Fun Race! smooth riding all throughout...thanks!"

Rey Parrocha

Franco ReynanteMr. Franco Reynante from Dagat Dagatan, Kalookan City bought TOP 1 Action-Matic Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-40 JASO MB from Motogizer Motor Shop and The DIY Shop Corp - Victory Mall Branch and said:

"I am very satisfied user of TOP 1 Action Matic for my Honda beat.. The first time i used it, i feel the difference between the other oil that i used before, my mc accelerate very smoothly and "feel mo talaga yung power". well what else can i say?, thank you for bringing this product here in the Philippines..

TOP 1 D BEST!!."

Franco Reynante

TOP 1 Action Matic Motorcycle OilMr. Charles Reyes from Las Pinas City bought TOP 1 Action-Matic Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-40 JASO MB from Aljimson Auto Supply and said:

"I'm very satisfied with the product because my scooter runs very smoothly and quieter now after using TOP1 Action Matic! What's great about the product is that it is specifically made for scooters due to the JASO MB rating and it's also a synthetic blend which is awesome. I'm planning to buy more cans next week so that I have stocks in our house.

Indeed performance guaranteed! Thank you."

Charles Reyes

superMr. Lou D. Laranjo from Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao used TOP 1 Super 4T 20W-50 Synthetic Blend Motorcycle Oil and said:

"I have used this Top 1 product for my Kawasaki Fury Classic and Fury R. For 5,000 plus kilometers, no need for oil change yet since both motorcycles still run smooth and have not experience clutch slippage. Bought the product from SUPER Motorcycle Store at Cagayan de Oro City."

Lou D. Laranjo

Rey ParrochaMr. Rey Parrocha of San Pedro, Laguna used TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil SAE20W-50 JASO MA2 and said:

"I purchased it from Jovi-An Auto Supply, they were friendly enough to provide their own insight on the product as well (i chose it over Repsol sintetico)

Last Sunday, having completed the change oil the night before, i made an entry in the HPI-Dealer fun race (Honda Philippines Inc Dealer Fun Race) & made it all the way to the finals...all the while, it seemed as if the engine had run cooler than it was when it was still using the factory-prescribed JASO MB multigrade oil..."

Rey Parrocha